First Prime Realty Group

  • Applicant obtains Sky Las Vegas application package from HOA or via email from property manager or leasing agent.
  • Application not processed until fee is received. application fee per person $100 for first person or married couple & $50 for each additional person.  A credit check must be performed for each adult occupant, not just for the person responsible for the lease.
  • Applicant/s are required to provide driver's license, 2 recent paystubs and other documentation as requited to validate application information.
  • Credit check should take 24 hours depending on the day of the week the application is submitted.  Credit checks are not performed on weekends or holidays. Properties are held for a maximum of 14 days with approved application and holding deposit. Holding deposit is 1/2 of first month's rent. Previous rental history and employment verifications are performed as part of the process. A criminal back ground check will be part of the application process.. The holding deposit is forfeit if applicant does not complete the lease signing for any reason after approval. Otherwise the holding deposit is applied to the balance owed for the rent due at move-in.
  • Once our credit check is performed, verification of employment & previous rental history is completed we nove forward with the balance of the process.
  • Once the application is Owner/Management approved, the proposed lease agreement is drawn per negotiated terms.
  • The lease is emailed to applicant for review along with any other HOA necessary documents to be signed.
  • The HOA package will also be emailed to be completed and returned.
  • The entire package containing all necessary documents is delivered to the Sky HOA office with their application fee of $75 per adult person, the HOA security deposit equal to 1/2 of a month's rent for their processing. This may take up to 14 days. Our office has no control over their processing time once the package is delivered.
  • Once the Sky HOA has approved the application, we will scheduled a lease signing date in our office.
  • The move in date and the lease signing date do not necessarily have to correspond. But all funds are due at the lease signing.
  • Once all funds are received, and the documents are signed, the keys/fobs are either delivered to you or you can pick them up (if held by the HOA) office with a copy of the signed lease.
  • Please note: move in arrangements and scheduling for the elevator for move in must be done via the HOA. Do not expect to move in without scheduling this time.
  • All payment/s submitted before move in date are to be paid in certified check or money order. Either to First Prime Realty Group or Sky HOA.

a.        Funds required in money order/certified funds, no cash, no checks: Application fee of $100 to First Prime Realty Group  ($50 for each added adult person) non-refundable.  Holding Deposit $ 1/2 month's rent to First Prime Realty Group. Refundable if application not accepted or applied to first month's rent when accepted. Application fee Sky Las Vegas HOA $75 per adult person or $100 for rush fees to reduce their time frame. Non-refundable. HOA Security deposit 1/2 first month's rent. Refunded if not approved, held as security deposit for the HOA and returned when unit is vacated.

b.      Applicant attaches a photo I.D. of each occupant to the HOA package. Applicant may obtain a copy of their photo identification at the Realty office when remitting payment for the application fee or at the HOA office or provide from other source. Complete any information required on the HOA rental forms.

c.      Applicant must obtain renters insurance binder. Applicant will require the address, square footage and unit number of the rental unit for the insurance company to provide a binder of insurance. Applicants insurance agent will send a copy to Panorama.  The process will not begin until HOA receives this insurance coverage notice/binder.

  • Once HOA approves the application, the applicant must pay in certified funds, the  balance of security deposit (if any), miscellaneous required deposits (i.e. electric deposit, and if applicable, pet deposits, key, cleaning deposits) and first months rent.
  •   Keys are delivered on receipt of payment as well as copies of all documents and the HOA rules and regulations. You will be required by the HOA to meet with them for an orientation of the complex, introducing you to their services and their system. They will give you the parking decals, gate transmitters and information you will require for move in.
  • Your move in must be scheduled through the HOA. They will not schedule you until such time as you've completed the Orientation and they have the security deposit and forms from both you and the landlord.
  • NOTE: The tenant will perform the move in inspection after move in and submit the report within 5 days to management. The HOA only allows the freight elevator in use during normal business hours Monday through Friday, no holidays or weekends. This must be scheduled prior to moving in. Applicant must have time to schedule the elevator time with the HOA or risk not moving into the unit in time frame desired. Management accepts no responsibility for scheduling the move-in elevators or meeting the applicants time frame.
  •  Keys are delivered upon executed lease agreement, receipt of payments as well as copies of all documents, and written acceptance of HOA Rules & Regulations.