First Prime Realty Group

  • Applicant completes the application on our website.
  • Application not processed until fee is received. application fee per person $100 for first person or married couple & $50 for each additional person.  A credit check must be performed for each adult occupant, not just for the person responsible for the lease.
  • Applicant/s are required to provide driver's license.
  • Credit check should take 24 hours depending on the day of the week the application is submitted.  Credit checks are not performed on weekends or holidays. Properties are held for a maximum of 14 days with approved application and holding deposit. Holding deposit is 1/2 of first month's rent. Previous rental history and employment verifications are performed as part of the process. Panorama Towers will also perform a criminal background check. The holding deposit is forfeit if applicant does not complete the lease signing for any reason. Otherwise the holding deposit is applied to the balance owed for the security deposit.
  • Once credit check is performed, verification of employment & previous rental history is completed.
  • Once the application is Owner/Management approved, the proposed lease agreement is drawn per negotiated terms.
  • The lease is emailed to applicant for review to make the lease signing experience easier and faster.
  • The HOA package will also be sent to be completed and returned.
  • Applicant signs lease and other miscellaneous necessary disclosures at a meeting scheduled in our office.
  • All payment/s submitted before move in date are to be paid in certified check or money order.
  • Applicant completes the Homeowner Association package form (s).
    a.    Write a personal / business check payable to ALLURE HOA for their processing fee in the amount of $100.
        b.    Attach a photo I.D. for each occupant of the unit.
        c.    Once the package is turned in you'll need to obtain a background check for the HOA. The cost is $30, done on the phone with credit/bank card. The background check company is SRTC and the telephone # you will need to  call is 702-948-7436 or logging on to www.tenantscreenings.com.    The HOA gets a copy of your credit report and background check.
        d.    Until all the above information is submitted to the Allure HOA, they will not process you as a tenant & you can't move in until they complete their package.
        f.    The HOA can take up to 7 DAYS TO APPROVE your application. The quicker you complete the above, the easier it will be to meet your deadline
  • Once the HOA has processed/approved your application, the balance of the security deposit (if any) and first month's rent is paid in certified funds only, no cash, made payable to the Landlord or their  designated property manager.
  • You must give the HOA a personal check in the amount of $1000 on move in date. This check will not be cashed unless you or you  movers cause building damage moving in. Once moved in, they inspect immediately and return your check. 
  • The HOA only allows movers that have a business license and insurance.  If you're moving the items in yourself, this is not necessary. They will not allow uninsured movers to load furniture and carry items in the building.
  • Keys are delivered on receipt of payment as well as copies of all documents and the HOA rules and regulations. You may meet with the HOA to get introduced into their system and services.  They will give you the parking decals, gate transmitters and information on the services and facility.